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Michelle Cameron Coulter

Charitable Work

Charitable Work

Gold Medal Inspirations

Devotion to Charitable Work

if we just share what we have, there should be no one without.”

Michelle is very active in her community and has supported numerous non-profit and charitable organizations over the years, even starting a foundation initiated by her children called “A Gift of Love” based on their belief that “if we just share what we have, there should be no one without.”

This is a story that holds all the elements of beating the odds and empowering kids by making a difference with their abundance. Based on the desire of her kids wanting to share their loved toys with kids in Mexico, …their vision “That every child in the world knows that they are loved and cared about. There is enough abundance in the world that no one should have to go with out.”

Michelle and her children spread the idea and started a movement in the community of Calgary. In six short weeks, she organized a project execution team that would deliver the starting point of the kids dream to a reality. Michelle and her children speak to their gift of love in the video below.

IMPACT SOCIETY | Meet a Hero – Classroom Experience: Olympian Michelle Cameron

Michelle speaks to grades 7, 8 and 9 students at Dr. G.M. Egbert School about “Discovering your Gifts & Abilities” Throughout the year, Impact Society is inviting community leaders to visit teens participating in the HEROES™ course, a program that builds improved planning and decision-making skills, self-esteem, resistance, self-restraint, and 26 other characteristics that contribute to teen success.

Michelle has dedicated thousands of hours and helped raise awareness and millions of dollars for both charities and businesses including just under $50 million when she was the Co-Chair of the 2008 United Way Campaign.

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