Olympic Gold Medallist | Speaker | Best-Selling Author | Inspirational Leader & CEO of Inspiring Possibilities

Michelle is the embodiment of today’s woman. Strong and empowering, she has embraced life’s challenges with strength and courage. She brings insight, compassion, depth, and inspiration to the table, with six World Championships, an Olympic gold medal, marriage, four children, a successful inspirational speaking, workshop, and retreat business among her many accomplishments. Her passion is helping her clients tap into their own Gold Medal Potential in life, in a real, meaningful and tangible way.

Michelle introduces professionals and entrepreneurs to a new way of rising to the top and maintaining a level of excellence that is sustainable and even enjoyable. We are capable of far more than we can ever know, when we embrace and use our fears to our advantage we have the potential and leverage and create something much greater than we could ever imagine. Michelle knows this firsthand, having overcome her extreme fear of water and failing her first level of swimming four times to go onto win an Olympic Gold Medal in Synchronized Swimming.

She has honed this important message throughout her life and challenged time and again to master a Champion Mindset in order to greatness beyond fear, including a Gold Medal in the 1988 Olympics, raising 4 beautiful children (now young adults), being married for over 30 years, being inducted into the Canada Sports Hall of Fame, heading many successful businesses, residing on many high-level boards and continuing to grow and expand her abilities to achieve her next Life Podiums.

Michelle now commits time, energy, expertise and love to business leaders, entrepreneurs organizations helping them break past their limiting fears, embrace their full potential, build strength through diversity and challenges, and leads them to take the best next steps toward fostering their own Champion Mindset to stand high up on their many Life Podiums in a REAL and authentic way.

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