Sought after international speaker on peak performance, leadership innovation, and achieving a Champion Mindset within organizations & businesses

Michelle introduces organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs to a new way of rising to the top and maintaining a level of excellence that is sustainable and even enjoyable. We are capable of far more than we can ever know, when we embrace and use our fears to our advantage we have the potential and leverage to create something much greater than we could ever imagine.

Whether it’s a room of investors or female entrepreneurs Michelle inspires audience to rise up and claim their Life Podiums both professionally and personally in a real and authentic way! Michelle passionately shares with audiences worldwide how to tap into their own Champion Mindset to achieve Champion Results in their lives and organizations. Using her signature visualization techniques and Mental Health Plan for a Champion Mindset and Results and her many incredible life stories that confirm she is a living example of how powerful her message is. She engages, entertains, and motivates audiences into a new way of achieving lasting results and landing their own Life Podiums again and again, while enjoying the journey along the way!

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Popular Speaking Topics

Gold Medal Inspiration

Create Champion results with a Champion Mindset

In this talk, Michelle will motivate audiences through her tangible life experiences and lessons. She candidly shares how she’s recreated podiums throughout her life to excel in all areas, not only for herself but for the organizations, teams and people she works with. We are all held back by our fears and limiting beliefs. These are damaging our ability to achieve results in our business, with our teams and in our personal lives. They snuff happiness and productivity and keep us trapped in our zone of competence, not achieving the champion results we’re all capable of. Michelle has time and time again created champions results in her life through her greatest challenges. She has identified 4 key components that each of us can integrate into our businesses, lives and every area of our life to rise above, own the podium and create our own gold medal results.

Audience Takeaways

  • Proven Champion Visualization Techniques that take you to your next level
  • Know what your most important asset is and how to spend it wisely
  • How to reprogram your negative self-talk in minutes a day to create lasting changes for you and your team
  • Michelle’s signature Mental Health Plan for a Champion Mindset and Champion Results

Sink, Swim and Float

Let go of Perfection and JUMP into your Greatness

In this talk, Michelle shares her journey as an Olympic Gold Medalist, CEO and business leader, and what happens when you reach the highest level of your given field. As business leaders, we all reach a place that can feel isolated an alone. We have many people depending on us to make key decisions. Michelle has experienced the dehumanizing aspects of being on top. Leaders are held to a different standard and that can often cause gaps between leaders and those around them. Michelle has developed a 4 step perspective to Authentic Leadership that unites leaders to their people and mission. Allowing audiences to JUMP into their greatness and encourage those around them to so the same!

Audience Takeaways

  • Sink = Fear, overcoming our fears
  • Swim = Momentum, letting go of perfection to create momentum, mentorship, and a great team environment
  • Float = Perspective, enjoying the journey, staying connected to you and your authentic leadership style

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